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129th day and 19th week in 2024

Zodiac: Taurus (4/21 - 5/21) ♉
Chinese year: dragon

Day Events

State Holiday Truman Day (Missouri)

Truman Day in Missouri is a special occasion to commemorate the life and legacy of Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States. Join us in reflecting on his leadership, dedication, and contributions to our nation's history. This event offers an opportunity to explore the values and principles that guided Truman's presidency, with a focus on the importance of leadership and public service. Let's celebrate Truman Day as a reminder of the enduring impact of individuals who have shaped the course of our country's history.

Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During the Second World War

This event is a solemn occasion dedicated to remembering and honoring the millions of lives lost during the Second World War. It serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating consequences of conflict and the enduring value of peace. Through various ceremonies, educational events, and moments of silence, participants reflect on the sacrifices made during one of the most tumultuous periods in world history. The event also emphasizes the importance of reconciliation, understanding, and unity among nations to prevent such tragedies from occurring again. It's a time for communities around the world to come together in a shared commitment to peace and humanity.

Day Information

This day was 11 days ago, today is 5/19/2024.

Moon: waxing, moon phase is new moon, age 0.5 days, new moon June 6, full moon May 23.

Date ISO 8601 format: 2024-05-08T15:44:56-07:00

UTC date and time: 2024-05-08 22:44:56

Unix time: 1715208296

Sun information in Los Angeles

Sunrise: 5:54 AM

Sunset: 7:44 PM

At zenith: 12:49 PM

Length of day: 13h 49m

Births anniversaries

Harry S. Truman
Born in 1884, 140 years ago. 33rd president of the United States