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207th day and 30th week in 2024

Zodiac: Leo (7/23 - 8/22) ♌
Chinese year: dragon

Day Events

World Drowning Prevention Day

World Drowning Prevention Day aims to highlight the tragic and profound impact of drowning on families and communities and offer life-saving solutions to prevent it. This day brings attention to a largely preventable public health issue, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies and effective measures to reduce drowning incidents worldwide. Activities on this day often include awareness campaigns, swimming and water safety training programs, and discussions on implementing national and community-level drowning prevention strategies. The day also serves to advocate for better management of aquatic environments and to promote the spread of basic water safety skills. It's a call to action for governments, organizations, and individuals to work together in preventing this silent killer and ensuring water safety for all.

Day Information

This day will be in 1 day, today is 7/23/2024.

Moon: waning, moon phase is waning gibbous, age 19.5 days, new moon August 4, full moon July 21.

Date ISO 8601 format: 2024-07-25T07:15:46-07:00

UTC date and time: 2024-07-25 14:15:46

Unix time: 1721916946

Sun information in Los Angeles

Sunrise: 5:58 AM

Sunset: 8:00 PM

At zenith: 12:59 PM

Length of day: 14h 1m