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194th day and 28th week in 2024

Zodiac: Cancer (6/22 - 7/22) ♋
Chinese year: dragon

Day Events

International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms

The International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms raises awareness of the severe challenges posed by sand and dust storms to the environment, health, and economies. This day emphasizes the need for international cooperation and innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of these natural phenomena. Activities on this day often include conferences, educational programs, and community-led initiatives focused on sustainable land and water management practices to prevent and reduce the occurrence of sand and dust storms. The day also serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences in forecasting, early warning systems, and building resilience against these storms. It's an opportunity to recognize the importance of preserving soil and vegetation in arid and semi-arid regions and to promote global efforts in combating environmental degradation that leads to sand and dust storms.

Day Information

This day was 11 days ago, today is 7/23/2024.

Moon: waxing, moon phase is first quarter, age 6.1 days, new moon August 4, full moon July 21.

Date ISO 8601 format: 2024-07-12T08:21:43-07:00

UTC date and time: 2024-07-12 15:21:43

Unix time: 1720797703

Sun information in Los Angeles

Sunrise: 5:50 AM

Sunset: 8:07 PM

At zenith: 12:58 PM

Length of day: 14h 17m

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William Henry Cosby Jr.
Born in 1937, 87 years ago. Bill Cosby, American former comedian, actor, spokesman, and media personality